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TradeStation Crypto’s one-account-balance approach helps enable efficient use of your capital and reduces the need to transfer your funds or assets between venues where you have separate crypto accounts. The default tax lot relief method for all asset classes is first-in, first out (FIFO). Non-Day Traders may execute up to three day trades in a five-trading-day period.
Airdrops are a novel way of distributing cryptocurrencies to a wide audience. An airdrop can be a great way to make sure that a cryptocurrency isn’t centralized in the hands of only a few holders. A diverse set of holders is paramount for a healthy, decentralized network. A pump and dump is a scheme that involves boosting the price of an asset through false information. When the price has gone up a significant amount (“pumped”), the perpetrators sell (“dump”) their cheaply bought bags at a much higher price.
The Trading Combine is an experiential learning and evaluation program for futures traders. Traders grow and test their skills in simulated markets, and earn funding upon achieving certain trading objectives. While earning a Funded Account® is one possible goal, the discipline and habits promoted by the Trading Combine benefit traders of all experience levels. Cryptocurrency technology is new technology and it is evolving rapidly with new and influential players entering the space every day. As such, rumors, whether substantiated or not, can affect the pricing in very extreme ways.
Let’s say you already have Bitcoin and you expect the price to go down. You sell your BTC for USD, as you plan to rebuy it later at a lower price. In this case, you’re essentially entering a short position on Bitcoin since you’re selling high to rebuy lower. The “buy and hold” strategy, perhaps unsurprisingly, involves buying and holding an asset.
Now that we have a strategy filled out, we can test how it would have performed on past data. Here, we calculate the indicators needed by our strategy to produce buy/sell signals. Firstly, we need to create a new strategy file that will hold the logic behind our buy/sell signals. Crypto events calendar don’t need to worry about anything else for the time being, but you should make sure to understand what the other configuration options mean, so be sure to visit the relevant docs.